a fantasy
in your realm

a fantasy
in your realm



‘Macandra’ is a delicate pink and silver silhouette that reminds us of sunsets by the ocean. This fragile-looking piece is created with fine gossamer and tissue, and interwoven with hand-crafted embellishments. It hums with the songs of mermaids and sea-life and is the perfect statement look.



Lose yourself on an enchanted island with this ethereal look. ‘Kai’ features delicately hand-crafted shells, beaded motifs, and gossamer panels for the mermaid in you. Foliage thread-work and pearlescent blooms are arranged on a base of blush peach hue in one-of-a-kind water-resistant material.



Hear mystical mermaid songs when you experience ‘Cyanea,’ a truly show-stopping silhouette. This timeless look features intricate waves, shells, scallops, fish and other sea-life inspired motifs. Bright blue and coral accents catch the eye on a canvas of pale golds and muted greens in this mermaid-themed bridal piece.


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Madeeha Shoaib made my wedding day unforgettable, with her amazing ideas about how to blend my bridal dress with the environment, and creating that enticing and amazing look and feel I had only fantacized about. Made my Wedding day fabulous, and for many years to come.

A happy bride


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